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  Custom manufacturing and abrasive waterjet cutting services since 1991.
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Flooring Custom Cutting
We provide waterjet cutting of all types of flooring, stone, tiles, slabs, sheets and pavers. Indoor & Outdoor.

Marble Flooring
Marble Flooring  |  Total images: 21
We have produced many beautiful floors and medallions in marble tiles and slabs. Since traditional patterns are still strong and contemporary artistic designs are growing, we believe marble stands up as one of the best materials to produce beautiful floor designs.
Granite Flooring
Granite Flooring  |  Total images: 10
Granite offers great colors and good stability compared to marble. Fine details are easier to cut with less cracking. We use Woods Power-Grip vacuum lifters and Abaco slab lifters for safe slab handling and high efficiency.
Etched Stone
Etched Stone  |  Total images: 2
Etching stone with waterjet produces intricate artistic details that would be impossible with inlays. We also produce small mosaic tile squares from whole tiles of any type.
Brass Inlay & Terrazzo
Brass Inlay & Terrazzo  |  Total images: 5
Brass or stainless steel inlays add durable fine detail to stone or tile. Terrazzo designs with intricate detail are given life by precision waterjet cutting of metal forms.
Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Flooring
Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Flooring  |  Total images: 13
We are experts at cutting large quantities of repeated patterns as well as large artistic designs within circles, rings, ellipses, and other artistic borders.
Misc Stones & Tiles
Misc Stones & Tiles  |  Total images: 1
We cut almost all stone slabs, tiles, and bricks. We have many projects in bluestone, sandstone, cement pavers, slate, and other stones and tiles.
Vinyl Floor Tile & VCT
Vinyl Floor Tile & VCT  |  Total images: 16
We are experts at creating brilliant logos, custom floor designs, and elaborate floor accents in VCT and designer vinyl tiles.
Rubber Flooring
Rubber Flooring  |  Total images: 4
Rubber tiles and sheets allow the most detailed waterjet cutting of any flooring material and are available in vibrant primary colors.
Linoleum & Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Linoleum & Vinyl Sheet Flooring  |  Total images: 3
Sheet flooring of all types can be custom cut with waterjet. Fine details are easily cut into these flexible flooring materials. Some designs are inlayed onto very long sheets, and other designs are divided into 6' x 8' sections for easier cutting, shipping, and assembly.
Leather Floor Tiles
Leather Floor Tiles  |  Total images: 2
With modern waterjet cutting, leather hides of any type can be cut into square floor tiles of any size. Once the leather tiles are cut to size, we can recut them to produce elaborate custom floor designs.

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